Migraine & Strokes

The worst part about migraine is that there is no cure for it.

However, it can be well managed to reduce the frequency and severity of attacks.

Migraine, which is also known as headache disorder, affects people in different ways. For some, it can be mild and infrequent whereas for others it may be severe and chronic.

Migraines can potentially turn into a stroke because there is a link between blood vessel changes and strokes.

When the occipital artery in the brain becomes enlarged, it will cause a migraine by increasing pressure on the brain.

The enlargement also leads to an increased risk of stroke because it causes increased blood flow to the brain.

It is very rare for a migraine to turn into a stroke, but they are still linked because of this connection with blood vessels.

The only time that migraines (ημικρανίες) have been shown to lead to a stroke is when someone has had migraines for many years and an acute event then causes them to turn into one such as when someone has another type of vascular disease such as high cholesterol or clogged arteries.


All Inclusive Crewed Yacht Charter Vacations

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Prior to your yacht vacation, your professional captain will suggest an itinerary tailored to your group’s preferences. You may have the opportunity to take the wheel if you wish, or simply sit back, relax and enjoy all of the pleasures that the islands have to offer.

Provisioning, cooking and cleaning will not be required by you or anyone in your group. Your professional crew will attend to all of your needs. Many of our seasoned professional crews speak multiple languages.

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Ferry Athens to Milos

Located in the Aegean Sea, to the north of the Sea of Crete, and forming part of the Cyclades group of islands, the island of Milos is perhaps most famous for the statue of Aphrodite (the “Venus de Milo” which is now on display at the Louvre Gallery in Paris). The island is also known for the statues of the Greek god Asclepius, now on display at the British Museum in London, and the Poseidon and an archaic Apollo in Athens. Clustered around the little port of Adamas are a number of little shops that sell souvenirs and trinkets, handmade gifts and jewellery along with locally produced weaving, embroidery and food products.

The island is connected by ferry to the port of Piraeus in Athens, to all of the other Cycladic islands, the Dodecanese islands and Crete with both conventional ferry and high speed catamarans. During the summer months there are daily scheduled services to and from the island. The island’s other port is in Apollonia which also connects the island to the islands of Kimolos and Glaranissia.

The Milos Piraeus ferry route connects Cyclades Islands with Athens and is currently operated by 4 ferry companies. Anek Lines operate their crossing up to 1 times per week, Aegean Speed Lines 13 times per week, Zante Ferries 10 times per week & the Sea Jets service is available up to 14 times per week.

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Adoptees looking for birth parents


It is estimated that 2% of the U.S. population, or about 6 million Americans, are adoptees. Including biological parents, adoptive parents, and siblings, this means that 1 in 8 Americans are directly touched by adoption. Surveys show that a large majority of these adoptees and birth parents have, at some point, actively searched for biological parents or children separated by adoption. They search for many different reasons, including medical knowledge, the desire to know more about the individual’s life, or a major life event, such as the death of an adoptive parent or the birth of a child. The most common reason given, however, is genetic curiosity – a desire to find what a birth parent or child looks like, their talents, and their personality.

Whatever your reasons for deciding to start an adoption search, it is important to realize that it will most likely be a difficult, emotional adventure, full of amazing highs and frustrating lows. Once you’re ready to undertake an adoption search, however, these steps will help you get started on the journey.

Man called Bitcoin’s father denies ties, leads LA car chase

Satoshi Nakamoto is surrounded by reporters as he leaves his home in Temple City, California, March 6, 2014. REUTERS-David McNew
A Japanese American man thought to be the reclusive multi-millionaire father of Bitcoin emerged from a modest Southern California home and denied involvement with the digital currency before leading reporters on a freeway car chase to the local headquarters of the Associated Press.

Satoshi Nakamoto, a name known to legions of bitcoin traders, practitioners and boosters around the world, appeared to lose his anonymity on Thursday after Newsweek published a story that said he lived in Temple City, California, just east of Los Angeles.

Newsweek included a photograph and described a short interview, in which Nakamoto said he was no longer associated with Bitcoin and that it had been turned over to other people. The magazine concluded that the man was the same Nakamoto who founded Bitcoin.

Dozens of reporters, including a sprinkling of Japanese media, encircled and camped outside the man’s two-story house on Thursday morning, accosting the mailman and repeatedly ringing the doorbell, to no avail. Police cruisers drove by several times but did not stop.

Several times, someone pulled back the drapes on an upstairs window.

In the afternoon, the silver-haired, bespectacled Nakamoto stepped outside, dressed in a gray sport coat and green striped shirt, with a pen tucked in his shirt pocket. He was mobbed by reporters and told them he was looking for someone who understood Japanese to buy him a free lunch.

Newsweek estimates his wealth at $400 million.

“I’m not involved in Bitcoin. Wait a minute, I want my free lunch first. I’m going with this guy,” Nakamoto said, pointing at a reporter from AP. “I’m not in Bitcoin, I don’t know anything about it,” he said again while walking down the street with several cameras at his heels.

He and the AP reporter made their way to a nearby sushi restaurant with media in tow, before leaving and heading downtown. Los Angeles Times reporter Joe Bel Bruno followed the pair and described the chase in a running stream of tweets. Eventually, the pair dashed into the Associated Press offices in downtown Los Angeles.


In a later AP interview, Nakamoto said he was misunderstood in a key portion of the Newsweek story, where he tells the reporter on his doorstep, “I am no longer involved in that and I cannot discuss it.”

Asked by the AP if he had said that, Nakamoto said, “No.”

“I’m saying I’m no longer in engineering. That’s it,” he told the AP. “And even if I was, when we get hired, you have to sign this document, contract saying you will not reveal anything we divulge during and after employment. So that’s what I implied.”

“It sounded like I was involved before with Bitcoin and looked like I’m not involved now. That’s not what I meant. I want to clarify that,” the AP reported him as saying.

The Bitcoin Foundation, an advocacy group promoting the adoption of the digital currency, said “… We have seen zero conclusive evidence that the identified person is the designer of Bitcoin.”

“Those closest to the Bitcoin project, the informal team of core developers, have always been unaware of Nakamoto’s true identity, as Nakamoto communicated purely through electronic means,” it said in a post on its website.

Newsweek writer Leah McGrath Goodman told the AP that she stood by her story. “I stand completely by my exchange with Mr. Nakamoto. There was no confusion whatsoever about the context of our conversation – and his acknowledgment of his involvement in Bitcoin.”


Fans see Bitcoin as a digital-world currency beyond government interference, while critics, whose ranks swelled with the recent bankruptcy filing by major bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox, see a risky investment whose anonymity aids drug dealers and other criminals.

Nakamoto kept a low profile in part to avoid the attention of authorities, Newsweek said. On Thursday, the office of Benjamin Lawsky, superintendent of New York’s Department of Financial Services, was keen on speaking with him, a source familiar with the situation told Reuters.

Bitcoin is bought and sold on a peer-to-peer network independent of central control. Its value soared last year, and the total worth of bitcoins minted is now about $7 billion.

In the Newsweek article, Nakamoto was credited by Bitcoin’s chief scientist, Gavin Andresen, in working out the first codes behind the currency.

A man of few words who refused to discuss anything beyond the currency or even communicate outside of email, Nakamoto was described by his brother in the Newsweek article as “fickle and has very weird hobbies,” including a penchant for model trains.

Japanese-born Nakamoto displayed an unusual aptitude for math as a child. He immigrated with his mother to California in 1959. He worked for defense and electronics company Hughes Aircraft, but never discussed work because much of it was classified, according to Newsweek interviews with several friends and relatives.

“He’s very focused and eclectic in his way of thinking. Smart, intelligent, mathematics, engineering, computers. You name it, he can do it,” Newsweek quoted Arthur Nakamoto, his younger brother, as saying.

History of Mykonos

History of Mykonos

The Tower at Portes - ruins on Mykonos

When exploring the history of Mykonos it is difficult to find an accurate beginning as its development is richly entwined with fact and legend dating back thousands of years. If we consider it’s place in ancient Greek mythology it is said both Hercules and Poseidon had a hand in destroying some of the Giants that opposed Zeus on this very island. Later, as the story goes, the island was named in honor of Apollo’s grandson Mykons. During these ancient times, Mykonos, due to its proximity to Delos, which was then highly populated, became very important as a supply island. The short 2-kilometer distance between the islands was frequently traveled. For religious reasons it was said that no one should be allowed to be born or die on Delos. If this were true and this culture center so sacred, it may suggest that Mykonos had its roots as a vacation island long before modern times.

From an archeological point of view the Ionians were found to have settled on Mykonos in the early part of the 11th century BC but recent discoveries uncovered remnants from the Neolithic Kares tribe dating back to as far as 3000BC.

As the island of Delos began to develop as a sacred center, Mykonos was swept along with the influences of the different people who would come to control the region in the years to come. The Phoenicians, Macedonians and Athenians left their mark but it was not until the coming of Alexander the Great the fate of Mykonos took a turn for the better by becoming a commercial center for agriculture and maritime trade. High quality clay deposits also improved the island’s importance, as ceramic containers were the best means of preserving and exporting goods during this ancient time.

Due to its geographic location as a crossroads for shipping and it’s close proximity to Delos, the island’s future continued to flourish reaching a state of enormous wealth during the time of Roman occupation and the reign of Augustus Caesar.

Manto Mavroyenous - the heroine of Mykonos

During the Middle Ages Mykonos fell under the rule of the Venetians and in the years that followed found themselves to be victimized by the Saracens and latter the Turks who dominated the area from the 14th century. At this time the slave trade was common and thousands of islanders were abducted. The Greek War of Independence, which ended with its liberation from the Turks in 1830, spawned the Mykonian heroine Manto Mavroyenous who rallied the island’s people and defeated a Turkish onslaught in 1822.

Starting as early as ancient times, the cycladic islands as well as the rest of the Mediterranean sea had become famous as a natural breading ground for piracy. The island of Mykonos received its fair share of buccaneer influence, which lasted right up until the beginning of the 19th century.

With the coming of steamships also came the first signs of modern day tourism. World War II quickly put an end to this as Mykonos while experiencing German occupation suffered greatly through starvation. It took until the mid 50’s for tourism to rise again. Due to the islands unique architecture, relative seclusion and hospitality it soon became a haven for the rich and famous.

Santa Marina Mykonos

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Mykonos accommodation, hotels

I found an interesting preview of some of the best Mykonos hotels at Mykonos town accommodation

Here is the article

Discover the best Mykonos hotels. Photos, reviews, book them with special prices. So lets get it going. We hope the following list will help you choose the right hotel for you.

  • Mykonos blu  The ultimate 5 star luxury hotel in Mykonos Greece (Mykonos Blu beach resort in Psarou Beach)

  • Mykonos Grand   A 5 star luxury beach resort inspirationally conceived to capture the essence of surrounding natural wonders and host the most welcome and appreciated guests with world class luxury
  • Santa Marina Mykonos A tranquil oasis where understated elegance meets sheer indulgence, Mykonos Hotel Santa Marina Resort & Villas, a distinguished member of The Luxury Collection, Starwood Hotels & Resorts, is a paradise within a paradise.
  • Porto Mykonos  The small luxury hotel Porto Mykonos boasts the most ideal location in Mykonos town overlooking the vivid pace of the Port and the sparkling colors of the sea
  • San Giorgio Mykonos At San Giorgio, everything is about ease and enjoyment and guests are encouraged to store or spend energy as they please. The hotel is designed to encourage interaction and yet giving those who are looking for a more private atmosphere the refuge to relax and recreate. The idea is to bring like-minded, creative individuals together to unwind and connect with self and nature in an effortless, laid-back atmosphere.
  • Cavo Tagoo Hotel Mykonos Cavo Tagoo is a unique luxury 5 stars hotel near Chora, the main town of Mykonos Island in Greece, built into an impressive natural cliffside. With its luxurious barefoot chic aesthetic, its distinctive architecture, versatile services, and respect for traditional elements, Cavo Tagoo unfolds as an unparalleled experience to its guests.

Birth and adoptive families


Birth Parents, Adoptees and Adoptive Parents are known as the adoption triad. For journalists, it is often difficult to know how to describe the members of that so called “The adoption triad”
An adopted person’s parents (those who are raising the child) are simply their father, mother or parents. Using terms such as “real” or “natural” parents, suggests that the adoptive parents or their parental status are somehow unreal or unnatural. Stories should not portray adoptive parents as unusually selfless or saintly. People adopt because they simply want to have a family.
There is much debate over what families of origin should be called. The man and woman who conceived the child can be referred to as the birth, genetic or biological parents. Those considering an adoption plan should never be referred to as birth parents until they have relinquished their parental rights. They should be called simply parents or expectant parents. Some birth parents reject the term birth parent completely in favor of biological parent. Others prefer “original” or “first” mother. Legal language frequently describes birth parents as the “natural” parents, but that is a holdover from a bygone era and is best left to legal venues.
Language is also colored by the experience of the speaker. For instance, birth parents use “surrender,” because that is how they feel about what happened to them. On the other hand many triad members continue to use outdated adoption language when being interviewed. For instance, a story in The New York Times in May 2003 about a man who met his birth family, referred to them as his natural parents. While the references were part of a quote and, therefore could not be changed, it remains important to use constructive language.


Trade Spread Options

When undergoing the task of understanding the ways to trade spread options, we come across so many technical terms and jargon, that it becomes difficult to understand them. However, to trade spread options, a complete knowledge of the terms associated with it is very important. Spread options are a great way to make money. Though they may seem complex and difficult to understand initially, they can become a potential tool for the traders, when once fully understood.
To trade spread options, here are a few terms that need to be understood

Credit spread

When similar types of options (either all calls or all puts), but at different strike prices are involved for buying and selling, it creates a credit spread. Here the profit is the difference between the buy price and selling price of the option contracts involved. The credit spreads are the most popular way of trading spread options. In a credit spread, the trader receives a credit upfront, which means that he gets money instantly and he can keep that money if certain conditions are fulfilled.

Bull put spread

Another way to trade spread options is by way of the bull put spread. This strategy involves buying and selling of the put options at different strike prices with the anticipation that the stock, being undertaken to trade would go higher than the strike price that the trader wants to enter.

Bear call spread

Converse to the above strategy is the bear call spread, where in anticipation of fall in the prices of the stocks being undertaken to trade, involve buying and selling of the call options but at different strike prices.  To be able to trade spread options, one needs to ascertain the correct time of entry to the market. This entry relates to the expiry date and the level of the market as benchmarks. The premium received from the credit spread and the technical analysis of the stock; determine the strike price for the spread option.  The evaluated risk that arises from trading spread options and particularly credit spreads is the difference between the strike prices of the buying and selling options multiplied with the number of contracts. This means that the price to be paid for the spread would never be more than the difference in the bought and sold options’ strike price. Hence, you should be prepared to for a loss in case the trade ends up unsuccessful.  Another way to trade spread options is by combining the bear call spreads and the bull put spreads to form an iron condor. This is highly profitable in case the stock remains between two levels.

Other spread options strategies to trade spread options include the debit spreads. Entering a debit spread means receiving a debt upfront denoting that you may lose money initially. However, the same spreads can bring a profit if the options end in-the-money. Considering periods, the other categories of spread options are the vertical spreads, the horizontal spreads and the diagonal spreads. Besides these, other spreads like collar spreads, covered call spreads, butterfly, strangle and straddle can be used to trade the spread options.